WordPress Theme Tutorial

WordPress Theme Tutorial lets you learn to create a WordPress Theme from scratch. Here I am to teach you about WordPress Themes. Have you created your own theme so far ? Not yet. It doesn’t matter. Here you can see how to create a custom WordPress theme. This is about creating a WordPress Theme from scratch. To begin this journey you should aware about Web Design (HTML and CSS basically). Because this is only describes WordPress stuff.

Have you ever seen a developed WordPress Theme. Hopefully yes. If you haven’t please browse files for a in built theme. By default you can see three themes in the themes folder. Browse themes there and you can see many files and folders inside a theme. Will you wonder if I say this. You can create a WordPress Theme by two files. Whether a WordPress theme developed with large number of files, you also can create a theme using two files such as index.php file and style.css file. Will see how we can start.

This is a detailed list view of twentytwenty WordPress theme. You can see there are so many PHP files included. As well as folders and some other files. As a beginner you can learn how the WordPress structure is. There after you can go beyond these. But as a beginner I do recommend to follow this guide as you can grow bigger and bigger.

how to create a wordpress theme from scratch

WordPress Theme Files

Your course pipeline as follows:

  1. Theme File Header
  2. Template Header
  3. Template Footer
  4. How to add Stylesheets
  5. How to add JavaScripts
  6. Creating WordPress Menus
  7. Creating Widget Areas
  8. The Loop
  9. Single Post
  10. Page Templates
  11. Error 404 page template
  12. Custom Templates
  13. Conclusion

This covers all the functions you want to create within a WordPress theme. After you can learn everything you own to grow you big.

Hope you enjoyed the guide. Please go through and you’ll realize this is helpful.

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