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There are several and best free schema markup testers’ available. As schema is spreading as an industry best practice lots of website owners tend to grab and integrate this schema implementation into their websites. Whether the web site build in any platform, you’re able to integrate the schema into it. Either it builds usingĀ  After schema implemented it is required to check the schema. For that you need to use a schema markup tester.

I’ll introduce you, best tools to use as a schema markup tester.

Googles’ Structure Data Testing Tool as a schema markup tester

Google has introduced new testing tool instead of former one. This tool lets you test your schema markup.
Schema markup tester - google

Follow these steps to catch:

  1. Open the URL and enter your URL to test.
    Even you can check by add code into the code tab.
  2. Select the device from the dropdown. By default Googlebot smartphone has been selected.
    You can keep that or select desktop from the dropdown.
  3. Next click on Test URL.
  4. You’ll prompt with the results.
    This will take while and let you know the result. Result will be either You're eligible or You're not eligible.

SEO site checkup tester

This schema markup tester allows you to check the schema integration.
seo schema markup tester

You just need to enter your website URL in the input field and click on Chekup! button. This will take a while and give you the results of the test.

This test results has been categorize into three.

  1. Passed checks
  2. Failed checks
  3. Warnings

Even you can get the improvements results from here. For that you want to create a free account there. It is your choice. I think google schema markup tester is more than enough for this.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. That is all from this tutorial. Happy learning ahead. You can follow our other lessons as well.

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