How to use Advanced Custom Fields in WordPress

What is advanced custom fields?

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) is a WordPress plugin which allows you to create extra fields for WordPress screens. You can use these fields in Pages, Posts, Categories, Taxonomies and many more. Wherever you required, you can use it.

Where I can use it?

Advanced custom fields required when you are creating a theme from scratch. Or you’re looking to modify existing theme. At least you have a desire to learn how to build a theme from scratch, of course this is much beneficial for you to being a part in this tutorial. If you want to learn how to start developing a WordPress theme from scratch, please visit our tutorial series regarding how to build a WordPress theme from scratch.

ACF used to easily build and customize your website. You can use it wherever in the website you want. It  is coming with free and premium versions. Free version is really beneficial and helpful. But premium plugin coming with all the features. Pro plugin supports:

  1. The Repeater Field
  2. ACF Blocks
  3. The Flexible Content Field
  4. Options Pages
  5. The Gallery Field
  6. The Clone field

and many more.

Let’s begin with free version and will go through premium features to learn these fields by step by step. I’ll start by free version because all of us do not have the premium version at once. If you have premium version, just installed and activate. I do also have premium version and I’ll come quickly to premium features. If you’re facing any difficulty when installing and activating a plugin. Please see our guide on how to install and activate a plugin in WordPress.

How can I use this plugin?

To use this plugin, first of all go to Plugins > Add new search for advanced custom fields.

As the first plugin shown here, click on Install Now and  then Activate the plugin by Elliot Condon. Once activation complete you see Custom Fields menu item has been added to the admin menu.

Now you’re ready with the plugin installation and setup. Now you can move forward with fields separately. In my very next tutorial I’ll teach you each field and how to use them in coding.

I hoped you enjoyed this custom fields introductory tutorial. Please being with us a to learn and advance your knowledge.

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