How to install a Plugin in WordPress

Before installing the plugin it is better to know about what is a Plugin. It is just some code wrote by the Plugin Developer that extends the core of WordPress. There are thousands of Plugins available as Free and Premium. You can browse. Lets see how to install a plugin.

You can do this in three ways.

01. Install a Plugin using WordPress Admin Menu

This is the easiest way to install a Plugin. You can use this method to install plugins which are available in WordPress Plugin Repository for free downloads.

Lets navigate to WordPress Admin menu. Plugins > Add New. Search plugin in Search Plugins. Here we will install Contact Form 7 plugin as it is my favorite. Search for contact form 7. It will show you following figure with Install Now. Once install complete it will change the Install Now button to Activate. Lets click Activate otherwise (without activating) you cannot use this plugin.

02. Install a Plugin using WordPress Admin – Upload Plugin

This is not difficult. But somewhat differ than the above (01) method. For this you should have downloaded the plugin. This can be either free plugin or premium plugin. You need to ready with .zip file. Click on Upload Plugin . Click on Choose File . Select .zip plugin file and click Install Now . Once install is complete you can activate and use the plugin.

03. Install a Plugin using FTP

For this you need to have a FTP client. This will do the job for you. Once you are ready with the FTP Client you need to connect to your web site files. Then you need to navigate Plugins directory. For that you need to navigate wp–content > Plugins . You can now install the Plugin. If your plugin is a .zip file, you need to extract the .zip file. Then need to upload extracted plugin files and folders. Once you upload the extracted plugin files to the Plugins directory you are partially done.

Next you need to navigate to Admin Menu > Plugins > Installed Plugins this will show you installed plugin without Activated. You just need to Click on Activate and Plugin will get Activated. Now you can use the plugin.

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