How to deactivate all plugins in WordPress without accessing wp-admin

If you have locked out from WordPress Admin due to plugin error, you need to deactivate all plugins. Today we are going to tell you, how to deactivate all plugins without accessing your site Admin Panel.

There are two methods to accomplish this,

  1. Using FTP
  2. Using Database

Using FTP

What you can do is connect to the files using FTP. Here you need to use a FTP Client. ex: FileZilla. Then you need to navigate wp-content folder. There you can see list of folders like plugins, themes, upgrade.

You need to rename the plugins folder to something like plugins_old. You’re done and now all your installed plugins were deactivated.

You can do this without a FTP Client and accessing the File Manager directly. Once you locate to the same wp-content -> plugins you need to do the same. Once the rename is done all your plugins has been deactivated now and you’re done.

Using Database

Select your database and navigate to wp_options table. Note: If have renamed the table prefix, your prefix is different from wp_. Don’t panic if your prefix value is different from wp_. No worries you can going forward. your_prefix_options is your table. Other all same.

Then search for query plugins_activate and locate the row. Click on the edit and you need to change the option_value.

change the its option value to a:0:{} and save. You are done.

Now all plugins were deactivated. If you need to check which plugin cause you the error, you need to activate plugins one by one and check. Using this method can identify which plugin causing the error.

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