How to create selectable recipients with Contact Form 7

Create selectable recipients in WordPress is super easy. Due to some reasons Web Site owners want to have Selectable recipients in their Contact Forms or any other forms they are using. Contact Form 7 is a good solution for this. You can refer this to learn about Creating forms with Contact Form 7 .

Most of the companies have there own departments. Such as Sales, Marketing, Customer Care, Human Resources, etc. So, if someone send an email to the company and if the company is hierarchical there should be a big delay in forwarding the particular email to relevant party  and also it make an extra delay. If user can directly drop his/her email to the relevant department that is more better in both ends. Processes becoming easy and delays get rid off.

Have you ever wanted to create a Selectable Recipient. We can achieve this with Contact Form 7. Lets see how it works.

In Contact Form 7 you can achieve this in two ways. Either using a Dropdown Menu or Radio Buttons. For my example I’ll explain both of these.

Assume we have following departments with there email addresses for users to select.

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

If you need to know more about Contact Form 7 configurations and creating forms before going through please follow How to create a Contact Form using Contact Form 7.

Creating Selectable Recipients using Select Option

In the form you’re creating you need to select

drop down menu

field. Then you need to fill the Dropdown menu Tag Generator. In the options field you need to add email addresses.

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Once this is filled, your tag is as below.

[select recipient-re "[email protected]" "[email protected]" "[email protected]" "[email protected]" "[email protected]"]

This is how it is looks like:

Selectable Recipients

Once this tag is setup and insert into the Form you can see that all the email addresses showing for selection. Lets see the below.


So, users can directly get to know what are the email addresses of the particular departments. But it is not a good practice to show these email addresses to users. As well this is not a acceptable way to do this. Therefore to overcome this issue plugin has introduced a method. To hide email addresses you need to pass the

Name to Show Stroke and Email address respectively respectively

. Example

General|[email protected]

for selection. It is hiding the stoke and the email address from the user. Lets see how to create selectable recipients in the best way.

To create this pipeline in the form you need to select drop–down menu form field. It’ll prompt you a Form Tag Generator and filled one’ll look like below. You can use your own name, ID and Classes. This is an example only.

Your generated code should look like the the following. You can check this in the Insert Tag . This tag contains the code to include in the form. This will show users to select where they want to forward the particular email. Such as General, Human Resources, Administration, Marketing or Sales Support and users will not be able to see what are the email addresses of those departments. Lets see the generated code below.

[select* selectable–re id:selectable–re class:selectable–re "General|[email protected]" "Human Resource|[email protected]" "Administration|[email protected]" "Marketing|[email protected]" "Sales Support|[email protected]"]

Once you code and the form is completed, selectable recipient field will look like below.

This code will not showing users direct email address of recipients. This will hiding the email addresses and showing only the names. This is more better than displaying emails.

Creating Selectable Recipients using Radio Buttons

This is also not a big deal. Just create on Radio Button field. It’ll prompt the field generator and you can fill it as follows.

If you need to put the label first and button last, you need to check the checkbox for the particular label. As well you can wrap the buttons using checking that “Wrap each item..” checkbox. Final output will showing up as follows.

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