How to create a Magento sitemap XML

magento sitemap xml

Creating a Magento sitemap XML is really easy. Just clicks away. Sitemap improves the indexing of the website. When consider the Magento sitemap it improves the way of indexing your store by search engines.

Steps to follow:

  1. Go to Marketing > SEO & Search > Site Map
  2. Click on Add Sitemap upper right cornermagento sitemap xml
  3. Fill the sitemap credentials, name and the path
    In first box, enter sitemap file name. Example: sitemap.xml
    In Second box, enter the path where the XML file should located. You can use a directory as '/directoryName/' or the root as /.magento sitemap xml
  4. Once complete the fields, click on Save & Generate. Then you’re done.
  5. Finally you can browse and check the URL as you created it. Something like like.

Hope you enjoyed this short tutorial regarding create a Magento sitemap xml. Keep learning and happy learning ahead. We have provided some solutions for the general issues of Magento. You can browse some of our articles about Magento 2.

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