How to Configure Mail Tab in Contact Form 7

Here we are discussing the configuring Mail Tab of Contact Form 7. This tutorial is based on Creating a Contact Form 7 in WordPress. It is saying how to create a Contact form your web site. And how you can style it. Most of the Designers and Developers are struggling a bit when configuring the Mail. Here you get to know how to correctly configure the mail tab.

Please follow this email form for your easier learning and understanding.

Once you have created the email and saved it, next you move to Mail Tab for its configuration. Here is the really simple mail config window. This is the basic email configuration which is coming by default.

I choose this for explain and understanding purposes. It is the same scenario for all the mails. So, don’t worry. Lets discuss the fields in Mail Tab.

To – Receivers email. Normally existing WordPress admin email getting by default. If you want to send this email to multiple emails, you just need to add all the emails separated by a comma. ex:

[[email protected], [email protected], [email protected]]

From – Who is the sender. Here is a view of the tab value. [your–name] <[email protected]> Here first value is your name and second value is the email. Keep domain email address, so you’ll not facing any issue. You can change the field accordingly but best field configuration is this. But you’re free to use what ever field.

Subject – You can use customized subject here. By default NeroDev [your–subject]. Here is the way I like my subject to be. You’re free to change as you want. I have seen that some people using like “[your-subject]”. This means a String and this is sending to the email subject as it is to the correspondents. You need to remove double quotes to see exact subject in the mail you’re receiving.

Additional Header – This is useful for Cc or Bcc the mail. Here is an example for additional headers.

Message – Email receiving format going here. If you’re willing to use HTML format please check the Use HTML content type checkbox. So, your emails receiving as HTML format.

We are done now. Please note that there is no any difference if you’re working with complex forms. Please follow the scenario and you’re done. If you want to know more about creating the Contact Form follow this. Hope you’re happy with this.

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