How to clear quick access list in Windows

Clear quick access list in windows 10 is really easy. If you want to

  • delete recent files in Windows 10
  • clear recent documents in Windows 10

you’re in the right place.

Windows 10 has introduces “Quick Access” feature instead of “Favorite”. This feature allows you to gain quick access of recently browsed items.

This is great if you’re a frequent user of quick access files. Otherwise you need to browse the locations every time. This makes your work easier.

Even you can clear this list. So, lets see how.

Step 01: Type and search for file explorer options and hit enter.

Step 02: This will open up the File Explorer Options window.

Go to Privacy and click on Clear to Quick Access list.

Finally click Apply and OK.

You’re done. Browse the list and check.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to clear quick access list in Windows. Thank you for reading.

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