How to change base URL in magento 2

How to change base url in magento 2

Change base URL in Magento can accomplish in different ways. In this lesson we’ll see how we can change Magento Base URL.

Change Base URL via Database

Step 01: Go to your database and select the database.

Step 02: Find the core_config_data database table. If you’re unable to find out do search the table.

Step 03: Open the core_config_data table. Edit the following table rows and update with real values.

how to change base url in magento 2


Change Base URL via Database

We can achieve the same via GIT BASH commands. You just need to use following code.

php bin/magento setup:store-config:set --base-url=""

Hope you’ll enjoyed this tutorial regarding changing the Magento 2 base URL. That is all from this tutorial. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Happy learning ahead. Thanks for reading.

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