How to add favicon in WordPress

how to add favicon in wordpress

Add favicon in WordPress can achieve in many ways. With the recent WordPress updates, you can find it as a built in feature. In WordPress customize section you can achieve this very easy.

As theme developers choice location may vary. Sometimes it could within the Header section under Appearance > Customize. Or could be in the Theme Options as well. I’ll explain using Twenty Twenty WordPress theme.

favicon wordpress

By clicking Site Identity you will redirected to site identity image upload section. There you can upload your favicon icon.

How to prepare favicon icon for WordPress ?

You need to create a favicon icon at least 512px x 512px. This is the minimum recommended ratio. It is better if you could use higher ratio. 512 x 512 also fine. And also you can use any image editor tool to create your favicon icon. Either Adobe Photoshop, Paint, Gimp or any tool you preferred. As well you can create the image using any format you like such as JPG, PNG or GIF. WordPress allows  these types for uploding.

What is so called site icon (favicon)?

Site Icons are what you see in browser tabs, bookmark bars, and within the WordPress mobile apps. This should be square. As discussed above. 512px x 512px at least.

Retina Logo

Even you can check to use this as retina logo. Retina logo check scales the logo to half its uploaded size, making it sharp on high-res screens.


This makes every browser to identify the site icon. This excludes the drawbacks which occurs like in former methods which are adding using html codes or generating favicon and uploading to WordPress root, then linking the favicon to the code. We faced issues using mentioned former methods. But WordPress default site identity section ignored all of those issues we faced before.

That is all from this tutorial regarding how to add favicon in WordPress. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Happy learning ahead. Thanks for reading.

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