cannot connect invalid settings – MySQL / XAMPP

cannot connect invalid settings

Have encountered with cannot connect: invalid settings error. Then you’re going to solve this in few simple steps. This error will occur due to a crash of your MySQL user table. Let’s see how we can solve this.

cannot connect invalid settings

Step 01: Go to XAMPP control panel

Step 02: Open my.ini under config of MySQL module


Step 03: Search for [mysqld] and add this text skip-grant-tables just after the searched text and save it and close the file. Your changes will look like below.

cannot connect invalid settings

Step 04: Restart the MySQL server by stopping the current run and Starting again.

Step 05: Go the browser and reload the phpMyAdmin again or browse it again. Ex: localhost/phpmyadmin. Now you should be able to access the phpMyAdmin.

Step 06: Select and browse the tables of mysql database and check the user table. From the With selected  dropdown select Repair Table. It will take a while and you can see the status update in a while.

cannot connect invalid settings

If it is success you can see mysql.user repair status OK

You’re done now. Thank you for reading this article about solving cannot connect invalid settings error. Hope you enjoyed and could able to get your phpMyAdmin right back. Happy learning ahead.

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